Pacific-slope Flycatcher Spectrographs


I took wave file 3 and set up a spectrograph of it and sure enough, it fits Pacific-slope perfectly. Your bird is on the left. The one next to it is a Pacific-slope taken from the new Stokes Western Region. The one on the right is a Cordilleran also taken from the Stokes CD.
-- Roy M. Jones, Tempe, AZ

Spectrographs are easy!

by Will Cook

I did a web search for "sonogram software" and found several programs that will produce spectrographs. The most commonly used one seems to be Cool Edit, so I downloaded the trial version of it and loaded in the .wav files. I haven't figured out all the options yet, but here are the results of my first pass:


Spectrograph of MPN1, with taped call of Pacific-slope on left and response from our bird on right.


Spectrograph of MPN2.


Spectrograph of MPN3.


Spectrograph of "seet" note.

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Revised 6/30/05